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 North America's #1 Resource for Paper Grade and Company InformationWednesday, July 18, 2018
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Walden's Paper Catalog Since 1914Frequently Asked Questions

Search through the following questions to find answers to typical question regarding our site and services.


Services offered on papercatalog.com

Question: Does papercatalog.com sell paper?

Answer: NO.  PaperCatalog.com and it's owner, Walden-Mott Corporation, does not sell paper.  Both entities collect, organize and redistribute valuable paper industry information for professionals to use in making wiser business decisions.  PaperCatalog.com's main focus is providing paper grade data from many paper companies to other paper manufacturers, distributors, government agencies, associations and even consultants.


Logging Into PaperCatalog.com

Question: When I try to login, I get a message telling me I have an "Invalid User Name or Password".  Why isn't it working?

Answer: There are several possible reasons for this message.  Here are a few things to try before contacting customer service:

  • Make sure that when you type in the user ID and password your CAPS LOCK button is not on (unless your user ID and password are in all caps).
  • Recheck the confirmation email you received when you first signed up to be sure that you are logging in exactly as your user ID and password appear in the message. Forgot your User name or password? Click here.
  • Be sure that your subscription hasn’t expired.  If it has, please contact us to continue your access.
  • If you were a Free subscriber to the original PaperCatalog.com services, please re-subscribe by clicking "Subscribe Today!" at the top of the page.

Question: When I try to login and my submitted information is correct, the page does not seem to do anything.  I cannot login, why isn't it working?

Answer: Our website, like most other subscription based sites, use a technology called "cookies" to enable you to login and retrieve your preferences on our site such as book marking brands.  The problem may be with your browser settings. Please ensure that your browser is set to enable cookies as follows:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later : Select Tools-->Internet Options-->Privacy. From here, lower the sliding bar until it says, “Medium” or any option below that.
  • Internet Explorer versions earlier than 6.0: Select Tools-->Internet Options-->Security. From here select Custom Level (or the Advanced button) and be sure the “enable cookies” boxes are checked.
  • Netscape Navigator: Please check with your system administrator to enable cookies.



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